Jul 3, 2012

Age Before Renaissance: End Times Clues by google: TRUTH about the _AST and BEYOND

END TIMES C_L_U_E_S: Unbelievable first Google page: TRUTH about the _AST and BEYOND

The Age before the Renaissance: first three google results
All from Wikipedia, the encyclopedia of YOUR AGE.
Try to guess what X is before the first of the two google searches implied in article. 
As explained below:
Unlike the second google search, the first one doesn't require previously solving a riddle and returns X as the first word of the third result.

Title of the third result: X Ages (historiography).
Note about X, a 4 characters word:
- it's a REAL synonym for YOUR Age.
- together with Age, either in the singular or plural forms, it's indeed how the illuminati named the Age before the Age that the Illuminati named Renaissance.

Titles of the first two results:
1. List of time periods
Note: this first result is highlighted by Google, with the two first words being an official synonym for X, albeit NOT a synonym for our Age, officially or not, alias in reality.
2. Renaissance 

END TIMES C_L_U_E_S: Unbelievable what google returns for this riddle
Replace L by the next character in the alphabet to solve the riddle that returns the name of your Age and BEYOND.

What BEYOND means
Once you've solved the END TIMES C_L_U_E_S riddle, google the solution.
The first page of results is the TRUTH not only about the _AST but ALSO about the other two chapters of the trilogy that the _AST is part of.

The first google search "coincidentally" includes a X. As stated in article: X is the first word of the third result:
For the record, the first page of google results is still the same at the time this was reposted, Dec 16, 2016: http://archive.is/68uIt

Click this only after having solved the riddle:
An END TIMES riddle where the keyword that turns it into an End Times Paradox is "coincidentally" _AST.
Why Matt IS the very LAST Prophet: he could _ _e the _AST at the END