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Dec 8, 2008

PACKED shelves, $40 oil shortly before the END - the HORRIBLE TRUTH revealed worldwide first

From thread "HORRIBLE TRUTH about EMPTY grocery shelves and YOU", posted by End Time Prophet. Prophet words after dialogue with Poster RememberThis:

Thanks for replying (1), because although the subject of "Why PACKED shelves and $50 oil, shortly before TOTAL collapse" is one of the few core questions left at this point of the timeline, my reply is nothing less than the answer to that, maximally reduced. (2)

(1) Source: thread 672174 in godlikeproductions, a forum managed by NSA Web of Disinformation, which has now deleted it.
Poster RememberThis refutes End Time Prophet, who had previously explained that although it is clear that we are at the penultimate stage before the inevitable "empty grocery shelves", nobody is yet ready to die to prevent entering that stage, or better said, to prevent the illuminati to prevent entering that stage, by launching the full nuclear attack against Russia (3):
Originally Posted by RememberThis
just got back from the store....the damn shelves were PACKED, and box after box piled in the aisle for the night crew to put away.
Prophet replies:
HEY FOOL - That is the same kind of end time sign as oil prices dropping from $150 to as low as just below $50 (4). The penultimate collapse before the ultimate, when the shelves are empty and oil prices resume its exponential rise.

Poster RememberThis insists that PACKED shelves means "business as usual" and dismisses that "why $50 oil" is a core question:
Originally Posted by RememberThis
[the damn shelves were PACKED], ... is the same thing I have seen for 46 years.As for that cheap gas, you must have some OilCo stock (sarcasm)
Prophet replies:
I had to call you fool, because you keep your eyes on what is [STILL] coming, while you refuse to see that there’s nowhere for them to go. (1)

You can begin monitoring the REAL traffic forecast here... “
The ships keep coming, but there’s nowhere for the cars to go,” ...:
By the way, see last post in this page for the only track left of Matt Marriott replies to this thread, after they were deleted by the CIA:  "Although there was never any asteroid impact on Earth...", a quote used by another poster to reply to what End Times Prophet revealed about the end of ages.
(2) Now, as of today, did any of you find the answer to this core question anywhere else but in prophet's words? If not, than this answer is an ETIP

(3) http://angelic-vladimir-putin.blogspot.com/2007/06/george-w-bush-vs-vladimir-putin-for.html

(4) Added 18 December: Today below $40, but reaching these extremes is more than just a sign of systemic collapse. Besides that:
The LARGEST ECONOMIC ATTACK in History is UNDERWAY, with Illuminati losing almost a BILLION dollars a day.
The arab agents are used to ensure MAXIMAL output, selling oil way below production costs (a barrel of North Sea oil has average production costs of $135!).
Drastic drop of demand, made this tactic possible. The "OPEC will reduce output" and "BIG OIL Record Profits" announcements are used to cover-up what is going on.
This is the economic version of the illuminati military strategy, the full scale nuclear attack against Russia.

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Sep 24, 2008

End of Ages were revealed FIRST and so far ONLY by End Time Prophet

As phase "major banks collapse" begins (1), following the script previously explained by Prophet (2), a poster compares it with an asteroid impact on Earth.
Reply from Prophet:
"Although there was never any asteroid impact on Earth, your comparison still is correct, since this is also not a depression. This is .... the end of an age that has only existed once on Earth, and consequently something that never took place on Earth before.
Reminder: End of another age that also existed only once on Earth, was explained first by same prophet
". (3)

(1) http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/forums/viewthread/6007/P44/

(2) http://illuminati-overtime.blogspot.com/2007/11/collapse-of-major-banks-illuminati-to.html

(3) http://theverysimpletruth.blogspot.com/

In Forums - posted to discussion: "Historical Articles by Matt Marriott from 1998-2000 in the CNN boards"

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