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Nov 19, 2012

Fire engulfs skyscraper city Dubai: desert(ed) world sinks in flames

Poster Galaxy about "Big fire in skyscraper Dubai", today, November 17, 2012:
And no, it didn't collapse in it's own footprint.

Poster Disturbed replies:
Because no plane did fly into it of course.... 

Last Prophet replies:
Talk of "no planes", "skyscrapes in fire" and the "collapse" piece:

Last Prophet was the first to pick that piece, discovered first by a finnish military expert, and place it in the puzzle.
In fact it was the last missing piece. In other words, by doing it, Last Prophet completed the entire puzzle.
Mini Hydrogen-bombs - The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs demolition:

Talk of Dubai, skyscrapers and to "fall or not to fall"
Last Prophet's words from long ago:
The word skyscraper appears as a piece of the puzzle. in fact the entire puzzle is solved in a few lines.

Click glp result, one of the few pages that survived CIA censorship at a site created by the CIA for "Anonymous Cowards":
... probably because it was archived first by webarchive.org, March 1, 2009: 

"Thousands of cars abandoned at Dubai airport "
In that page see post from February 10, 2009, the title is in red. 
January 27, 2009 - Prophet explains the role of DUBAI in Illuminati End Times, the last "booming economy" illusion kept alive by the Illuminati. (1)
That included explaining how Financial Armageddon and Dubai fit in the Illuminati End Times puzzle of total deception. In other words: the tactic of selling oil below production costs pushed to the utter limits was the missing piece required to magnify the Dubai illuminati end time sign (using the last resources to build the ultimate skyscraper city in the desert) to the utter limits.
February 5, 2009 - Shortly after the Prophet's words, an illuminati media outlet (The Times), is forced to let the audience have a glimpse at the Truth, for the first time. (3)

(1) January 27, 2009 - The role of *** DUBAI *** in Illuminati End Times - explained worldwide first by ET Prophet
After the levees breached, a few weeks earlier than expected and short before suicide Obomber was supposed to detonate his bomb (2), there is only one area left in Illuminatziland where apparently the population did not yet hear the sound of the last trumpets: Dubai, where one out of each four cranes of the world is now being used.

The pinnacle of skyscraper city, built in the sand of a desert from where the last oil is now pumped out to be offered by the illuminati and their arab agents almost for free ... would soon be a ghost town, even if nukes would not be flying earlier.
Another end times sign that was explained only by End Times Prophet.
Reminder: how the illuminati antichrist uses the muslim antichrist in the battle of Armageddon was explained first and so far only by End Times Prophet ...

(2) Illuminati lost the battle of Financial Armageddon against the REAL Putin in 2007 
Yet the illuminati were able to kill Putin and replacing him with an imposter in 2010.
Financial Armageddon, last possible non nuclear weapon of Armageddon, was fully launched by the Illuminati because systemic collapse arrived a few weeks before expected and shortly before suicide "Hussein Obomber II" was supposed to detonate the bomb.

(3) February 5, 2009, Illuminati media:
With no oil to back it up, desert economy is built on shifting sand
Driven down by debt, Dubai expats give new meaning to long-stay car park

There is also a link to a Last Prophet's blog in the first ten results by angelic Google:
All links to forums in that page were censored by the illuminati, except for a closed thread:

Talk of "skyscrapes in fire" and "collapse": Dead Sea, Land of Israel - fake and real suicide bombers overflying the world sinking in the Big Soup Bowl where the last receipt of the last cooking TV series is served: the Apocalyptic Jambalaya of Doom
Two transcriptions from the previously mentioned glp page, about abandoned cars in skyscraper city Dubai:
"shortly before suicide "Hussein Obomber II" was supposed to detonate the bomb", second note, February 10 2009;
The World is sinking: Dubai islands 'falling into the sea' , Last Prophet quotes illuminati media, Jan 20, 2011:

Last Prophet's words on "Obama"'s 2009 911 remake overflying the New York skyscrapers, this time packaged in the illuminati joke format:
"a remake of human cattle freaking out":

The post references another "Obama" act staged in the same format weeks earlier, "Obama 100 days".
That was the moment chosen by Last Prophet to finally reveal worldwide first the FULL STORY about the murder of John F. Kennedy Jr, 10 years earlier and a milestone in the final descent to Fire Lake.

The script now finally has "Obama" detonating each day, from "Benghazigate" to Donald playing "Last" Trump-et, from the "fake" "death" of "Osama" to the "murder" of "his granny".

Two previews were already released:
1. Collapse of banks with anihilation of savings and pension funds of human cattle: 

2. Mass detentions to feed extermination camps:

Before Syria and 911 are repeated from Berlin to LA and from Istanbul to Seattle as "brainwashed NATO air force pilots non-stop bombing own cities" and "nuclear holocaust", there are two movies that can no longer be postponed:
1. All out war to finally destroy Israel:

2. Supervised ethnic civil war:

But all these productions run on a sinking stage.

"Latest flyover of the Louisiana sinkhole - November 14, 2012"
Poster replies:
"All of those trees are trying to get water from an area that's now full of diesel, oil, salt, and whatever the hell else is in that Apocalyptic Jambalaya of Doom."
Last Prophet replies:
"´fattened cattle' ... in burning desert(ed) skyscraper city ...now eating from the Big Soup Bowl." 

Last Prophet's 2004 words, one year before New Orleans sank:
Will Big Easy turn into Big Soup Bowl ? New Orleans faces destructionhttp://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread80400/pg1
9 posts - 4 authors - 15 Sep 2004

Gassed Last Prophet's 2007 words:
HORRIBLE TRUTH about drastic increase of Cooking television series:
The closer it gets to the slaughter the more important it is to keep the "fattened cattle" picture alive.
But now it is no more because the picture is required while the human cattle is transported to the slaughterhouse.
The reason now is to distract the human cattle from the fact that, while waiting INSIDE the slaughterhouse, they are fed BEYOND what was originally planned.

Dec 2011:
Last Trumpets, the ultimate End Times Paradox, solved by Last Prophet: as simple as 1+1
UNDENIABLE PROOF in web.archive.org: LOUISIANA SINK HOLE part of FINAL DESCENT predicted by LAST PROPHET long ago:
the FINAL DESCENT alias SINK HOLE to HELL - what has now begun in USA began a few years ago at the DEAD SEA, LAND OF ISRAEL
thread at glp deleted by the CIA 2010 with 20,000+ views

*** MAKE NO MISTAKE *** FLOODS are not the END like with Noah. This time it is the building of the FINAL DESCENT alias SINK HOLE to HELL
30 posts - 2 authors - Last post: 26 Nov 2010
Discussion about *** BREAKING ** AERIAL PHOTO *** Path to HELL sign appear in one second, as predicted by the VERY LAST PROPHET at the ...
*** UNBELIEVABLE *** but TRUE *** what has now begun in USA began a few years ago at the DEAD SEA, LAND OF ISRAEL. Yet only one added 1+1 = 2

http://web.archive.org/web/201106070...age1519980/pg1 - censpred link:
Update: Illuminati web of disinfo outlet godlikeproductions:
- most of Last Prophet's words don't survive long.
- since 2013 web.archive is forbidden to display the archived TRUTH posted at that site (executed by simply changing the godlikeproductiions robots.txt file).

Added March 2015:
Massive sinkholes devouring what’s left of shriveling Dead Sea 

2012 Nov: scam.com -- christianforums.com

Dec 8, 2008

PACKED shelves, $40 oil shortly before the END - the HORRIBLE TRUTH revealed worldwide first

From thread "HORRIBLE TRUTH about EMPTY grocery shelves and YOU", posted by End Time Prophet. Prophet words after dialogue with Poster RememberThis:

Thanks for replying (1), because although the subject of "Why PACKED shelves and $50 oil, shortly before TOTAL collapse" is one of the few core questions left at this point of the timeline, my reply is nothing less than the answer to that, maximally reduced. (2)

(1) Source: thread 672174 in godlikeproductions, a forum managed by NSA Web of Disinformation, which has now deleted it.
Poster RememberThis refutes End Time Prophet, who had previously explained that although it is clear that we are at the penultimate stage before the inevitable "empty grocery shelves", nobody is yet ready to die to prevent entering that stage, or better said, to prevent the illuminati to prevent entering that stage, by launching the full nuclear attack against Russia (3):
Originally Posted by RememberThis
just got back from the store....the damn shelves were PACKED, and box after box piled in the aisle for the night crew to put away.
Prophet replies:
HEY FOOL - That is the same kind of end time sign as oil prices dropping from $150 to as low as just below $50 (4). The penultimate collapse before the ultimate, when the shelves are empty and oil prices resume its exponential rise.

Poster RememberThis insists that PACKED shelves means "business as usual" and dismisses that "why $50 oil" is a core question:
Originally Posted by RememberThis
[the damn shelves were PACKED], ... is the same thing I have seen for 46 years.As for that cheap gas, you must have some OilCo stock (sarcasm)
Prophet replies:
I had to call you fool, because you keep your eyes on what is [STILL] coming, while you refuse to see that there’s nowhere for them to go. (1)

You can begin monitoring the REAL traffic forecast here... “
The ships keep coming, but there’s nowhere for the cars to go,” ...:
By the way, see last post in this page for the only track left of Matt Marriott replies to this thread, after they were deleted by the CIA:  "Although there was never any asteroid impact on Earth...", a quote used by another poster to reply to what End Times Prophet revealed about the end of ages.
(2) Now, as of today, did any of you find the answer to this core question anywhere else but in prophet's words? If not, than this answer is an ETIP

(3) http://angelic-vladimir-putin.blogspot.com/2007/06/george-w-bush-vs-vladimir-putin-for.html

(4) Added 18 December: Today below $40, but reaching these extremes is more than just a sign of systemic collapse. Besides that:
The LARGEST ECONOMIC ATTACK in History is UNDERWAY, with Illuminati losing almost a BILLION dollars a day.
The arab agents are used to ensure MAXIMAL output, selling oil way below production costs (a barrel of North Sea oil has average production costs of $135!).
Drastic drop of demand, made this tactic possible. The "OPEC will reduce output" and "BIG OIL Record Profits" announcements are used to cover-up what is going on.
This is the economic version of the illuminati military strategy, the full scale nuclear attack against Russia.

Forums: engforum.pravda.ru

Sep 24, 2008

End of Ages were revealed FIRST and so far ONLY by End Time Prophet

As phase "major banks collapse" begins (1), following the script previously explained by Prophet (2), a poster compares it with an asteroid impact on Earth.
Reply from Prophet:
"Although there was never any asteroid impact on Earth, your comparison still is correct, since this is also not a depression. This is .... the end of an age that has only existed once on Earth, and consequently something that never took place on Earth before.
Reminder: End of another age that also existed only once on Earth, was explained first by same prophet
". (3)

(1) http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/forums/viewthread/6007/P44/
(2) http://illuminati-overtime.blogspot.com/2007/11/collapse-of-major-banks-illuminati-to.html
(3) http://theverysimpletruth.blogspot.com/

posted to discussion: "Historical Articles by Matt Marriott from 1998-2000 in the CNN boards" engforum.pravda.ru

Added 2013: start with the most spectacular meteor hoax ever staged

Sep 21, 2005

Last glimpse of an age coming to an end - Satellite Photo

Last glimpse of an age coming to an end - Satellite Photo
The end of an age that lasted thousands of years.

Update: Add 1+1 to get the missing image
Pravda forum article where photo was posted can no longer be found.
It's still possible to imagine what did that image show by adding these two images:

1. First post, Sept 2, 2005, shows "Pictures of "human cattle" (illuminati) being transported to be slaughtered".
But it's the photo referenced by one of following posts that is relevant to start the 1+1 sum:
"Did I read in those news that it begun with a sinking oil rig?
LAST PROPHET's words from 1998, with photo archived first 2002:

Source: Article started 4 days after Hurricane Katrina

2. see image in first post at:
Sept 25, 2005 Hurricane Rita: First aerial photos: Western Louisiana Coast has been WIPED OUT

Reply from Sept 23, 2005:  sciforums.com --  (archived)