Aug 15, 2009

Usain Bolt maximum speed Human Physical Limits in Universe World Book

Introduction added Aug 2016, after van Niekerk's record
Universe World and Human Physical Limits: was the very LAST milestone set at Rio's 400 meters?
Rio, Aug 15, 2016, 2:00 GMT, late evening local time: South Africa's Van Niekerk breaks Michael Johnson's world record from 1999.
Does this complete the Age of Discovery for (Measurable) Limits?
Headlines omit Van Niekerk - Why?
Michael Johnson's 400 world record falls as LaShawn Merritt takes bronze medal: No mention of who set the world record.
Ultimately for the same reason why the Aug 2009 articles omitted any mention of the milestone that Last Prophet recognized.
The "downplay importance" psy-op goes in this case beyond the agenda of completing the destruction of athletics.
It's also part of preventing human cattle to realize what milestones are being set.
From Jamaica's Lightning Bolt 2009 to South Africa's Van Nikerk 2016
Did Van Niekerk set a milestone in the Age of Discovery  of Human Physical Performance? Was it actuallyt the very last one?
In any case Van Niekerk's world record was paradoxically set 
- at the end of a show the Illuminati Grand Master reduced to a parody of simulated reality.
- just before Usain Bolt would set yet another milestone, this time only in the 100 m History of World Championships and Olympic Games, adding to seven consecutive global titles.
The same number of titles as the greatest cyclist ever got in the Tour de France before he was executed by the illuminati.
Aug 15, 2016 - Michael Johnson's 400 world record falls as LaShawn Merritt takes bronze medal

-----  Last Prophet's words from Aug 2009 [text added 2016 in brackets]
Age of Discovery (of the World limits):
Two types of milestones were set: new paths and new land.
The new land was either uninhabited or not, and in the firs case habitable or not.
The reduced or REAL Age of Discovery
It consisted of the discovery of previously unknown and both unihabited and habitable land.
The first undeniable evidence for such a milestone was set by the arrival of portuguese sailing ships to the islands of the Madeira and Azores archipelagos, starting 1415.
An Age of Discovery of Limits that was completed 1788  with the sighting of Lord Howe Island by a british sailing ship.
Literal and figurative comets
Unlike for the Age of Discovery, milestones are still being set in the Age of the Discovery of the Limits for the Universe and for Human Physical Performance.
Coincidentally set by literal and figurative (human) comets.
History of the Discovery of the Limits of the Universe
The exact limits of the Iniverse are known ever since Day 1: the stars, all at the same distance from us.
But there were limits yet to be discovered for two other types of celestial bodies: planets and comets.
Side note: satellites are only details.
Reminder: the moon is neither a detail nor a satellite in in the real Universe, which is represented by the geocentric not by the heliocentric model created by the illuminati to brainwash the masses.
The moon, same as Neptune, is a planet.
Limits of the Universe; the Neptune milestone:
There's no evidence of anyone realizing it at the time of its discovery.
In 1930 Illuminati for the first time officially implicitly denied this milestone by launching the Pluto hoax, the first of a countless series of fake planets created afterwards
Last Prophet implicitly reveealed first the Neptune milestone in the History of the Discovery of the Limits of the Universe when he exposed worldwide first the Pluto type of hoaxes.
As of today, the Illuminati "History" and "Science" books serve the Neptune milestone as:
- set by two astronomers,  Urbain Le Verrier, Johann Galle, of two different countries: France, Brittany. 
- identified by only one date, 23 September 1846, related to only one of the two names, Galle.
The Age of the Discovery of the Limits of Human Physical Performance
Ongoing since 1979, as italian Pietro Mennea [died 2013] started to set the milestone for maximum speed for whites .
Berlin 2009:  Usain Bolt milestone for maximum speed
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt becomes the fastest man EVER and FOREVER at the  Athletics World championhsips by breaking his own records set in the Beijing 2008 Games 
[note added: the Beijing records will still be the Olympic records after London 2012, originally scripted as the ver last Olympics, as well as after the extra Rio 2016].
Buit Bolt's 2009 milestone goes beyond the Bool of World records: nobody will ever run faster a 100 and 200 meters race at or near sea level.
In other words: Bolt's milestone is also part of the Book of the Discoveries of Limits, the same book where the discovery of planet Neptune is.
Contrast Bolt's milestone with planet Neptune's discovery:
1. not in one but in two days.
2. in two dates that are precisely identified.
3. by the same athlete.
Contrast Bolt's milestone for all human races with the same milestone "for whites only"
- it started with a 200 meters race, 1979, by italian Pietri Mennea
- it was completetd by another athlete, n the 100 meters race
- it's not yet clear if the "whites only" milestone will stand for ever, main rreason being that it bemefited from altitude.
Milestones for Human Physical Performance: 100/200 vs 400 meters
Same as for the Universe (stars, planets, comets) there are different types of milestones.
Neither the 100 nor the 200 meters alone stand for one of these milestones.
The 200 meters is part of the same limit as the 100 meters, although before Usain Bolt set the 200 meters record in 2007 the same man, Michaael Johnson, was the record holder for both thee 200 and 400 meters
In fact the 400 meters is the ONLY event in the Olympics that ALONE stands for one of the physical limits of Mankind: sustained maximum speed.
The complete list of the limits for Human Physical Performance.
The Olympics motto, "Citius, Altius, Fortius", is a hint.
Citius hints  at maximum speed and maximum sustained speed.
Recognizing limit milestones: role of Last Prophet
From Bolt's milestone in the Discovery of the Pysical Human Limits to the Neptune's milestone in the Discovery of the Limits of the Universe: all recognized first by Last Prophet.
The first one immediately after it took place, the second one more than 150 years later.
"Coincidentally" the same Prophet who previously first exposed the illuminati's agenda of falsely accusing champions of natural sports of doping, one of the many End Times hoaxes exposed first by Last Prophet. 

Illuminati will execute Bolt at the end of the show - predicted months BEFORE he became the fastest man EVER and FOREVER.
Doping conspiracy echoed by NOBODY ever since it was exposed in the web, 1999:
Doping improves performance in running and jumping" is a lie sold by the illuminati through false accusations to the champions.
Goals include:
- Marketing the chemical industry, the agenda of increased use of drugs, or in other words fulfilling the illuminati religion's "Black is White";
- Discourage youth to get into athletics, destroying the principle of "healthy mind in healthy body", required to totally brainwash youth;
- stage justice, again with the illuminati religion's "Black is White": the biggest deceivers in human history (illuminati, black) combat fraud (justice, white);
- Divert attention from the fact that humans reached the physical limits, part of various agendas, starting with "theory of evolution" (hoax created by illuminati).

Aug 2016, Talk of Rio Olympics and 400 m:
Rio Olympics: Total Medals per Capita table - the Grenada paradox

2017 Jan - Usain Bolt finally stripped of his first medal, 7 years after the first scripted date
ONE world title out of TWENTY (11 at World Championships and 9 at Olympic Games) is all it takes to officially strip from Bolt what some falsely consider his ultimate milestone, the triple triple at the Olympics.
First headlines, which in a psy-op (in this case setting the stage to accuse Bolt of doping) play a key role:
- either suggest that it's already the script's climax, the execution of Usain Bolt, omiting that at this point it's still about Nesta Carter from Jamaica's relay: "SportsFlash Videos - Usain Bolt stripped of Olympic Gold"
- or simply omit that it starts with Beijing (word not mentioned in headlines) 2008 (word also omitted in article): "Usain Bolt loses gold medal after relay teammate found guilty of doping".

Usain Bolt congratulates Wayde van Niekerk

Wayde van Niekerk's parents share his remarkable story