Jun 27, 2006

Florida real estate End of Pensions fake Garden of Eden

Florida real estate, End of Pensions at fake Garden of Eden
The End of the Age of Pensions and the dramatic reduction of Land at the End of the Age.
What Florida and the Garden of Eden have to do with it.
From June 2006, intro added Nov 2012.

Introduction 2006 prophecy by Last Prophet nears fulfillment
Nov 23 2012, one month after Hurricane Sandy, Video with this description:
Fort Lauderdale Beach erosion, 4 weeks after Hurricane Sandy in Florida
The beach is now gone. Not only that but the beach wall and sidewalk are gone too!

Last Prophet's words from June 2006 ... 
Introduced by a reply, one day later:
"The people on the beach are paying BIG dollars now for homeowners insurance. Some as much as 30,000 per year.
Plus the property taxes have skyrocketed too, with the recent run up in valuations.
The funny thing is that these homeowners are trapped on the beach by a motionless realestate market.
Many want to move off the beach but can't. They are being drained financially by taxes and insurance

The article that poster replied to:
Florida real estate and the Garden of Eden: End of Age of Pensions and dramatic reduction of Land at the End of the Age
God created the ultimate real luxury, the Garden of Eden, at the Begin of the Age.
The Garden of Eden stands for the first land reduction in the History of Mankind.
The Age of Pensions appears during End Times, when nothing escapes the Laws of End Times Reductionism.
End Times, when Reality is dramatically reduced by Illusion.
The end of the Age of Pensions begun by slow fire, the same way the Age of Pensions begun.
But Age of Pensions will now end with a BIG BANG, shortly before the final BIG BANG terminates the Age, while Land is dramatically reduced.
One of the illusions of the Age of Pensions was the Sunshine State, Florida, where not even one square meter escapes this: a climate not suitable for whites (not only scandinavian but also latin races) for half of the year.
"Coincidentally" Florida is also the prime candidate for the dramatic reductions of land at the End of the Age.

Nov 23 2012, Fort Lauderdale Beach erosion on A1A:

Age of Pensions will now end with a BIG BANG - For Last Prophet's words from 2005 start here, Oct 2013:

Land dramatically reduced during End Times as explained by the final Laws